9th Annual Twisted Wrister

Sept 3-7, 2020 - The Ice Ranch - Littleton, CO

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Shaw Hockey Productions is pleased to offer video and live streaming for all games during the 9th Annual Twister Wrister held at The Ice Ranch, September 3-7, 2020.  

We offer dynamic game coverage streamed in HD quality to friends, families, and fans.

Thank you for your interest and good luck in the tournament.

Production Details:

All games include:

  • Dynamic Camera Coverage
  • Instant Replay for key moments
  • Play by Play/Color Commentary
    • Volunteer of school’s choice:  complimentary
    • Professional:  $49/game (subject to availability)
    • One team per game, up to 2 people (priority given to Home team)
  • HD Live Streaming
  • Digital Downloads
  • Ability to air sponsor advertisements or messages in-game

Introductory Tournament Pricing:
$299 Individual Game
$699 Multiple Game Package (3+ games)

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the pricing for video and live streaming?2020-08-28T17:41:00-06:00

Our introductory pricing for individual games is $299 and a multiple game package is $699 for 3-6 games.

Teams that purchase a multiple game package will receive coverage of all of their round robin games in addition to any playoff games if they advance.

Where will games be streamed?2020-08-28T17:40:41-06:00

Games will be streamed live on YouTube via the Shaw Hockey Productions channel.

How will we get links to our games?2021-08-13T11:41:23-06:00

After registering, we will send links to the team contact to share with the rest of the team. 

As a team advances to playoff or consolation games, links to those games will be sent to the team contact of the qualifying teams.

Will games be available to the public?2021-08-13T11:48:36-06:00

No.  Links will be sent as unlisted YouTube videos that can be shared amongst the school/team. Game videos can be made public at the request of the team and with approval of the opposing team.

By making them public, they will be searchable on YouTube and available publicly on the Shaw Hockey Productions YouTube channel page.

What payment methods are accepted?2020-08-28T17:39:25-06:00

We accept payments by credit card or PayPal through the website registration. If you need to pay by check, please contact us at info@shawhockey.com.

How will we download our game videos?2020-08-28T17:39:05-06:00

Download links will be emailed to each team contact shortly after the conclusion of the tournament. 

What is the pricing for video and live streaming?2022-08-17T11:08:22-06:00

Our tournament pricing is $729 per team for all games played.

Where will live games be streamed?2021-08-13T11:37:41-06:00

Games will be streamed live on YouTube. 

Links to all games will be provided to participating teams.

Will live games be available to the public?2021-08-13T11:36:49-06:00

No. Only registered teams will be able to access live game videos through the provided links.

Will live games be available to watch again?2021-08-13T11:34:37-06:00

Yes.  Live games will be archived to watch again using the same link as the live game.

What payment methods are accepted?2021-09-01T09:58:36-06:00

We accept payments by credit card or PayPal through the website registration.

How do I share a team subscription?2020-08-28T19:20:49-06:00

One representative from the team will complete the registration process.  That person will then manage the team subscription pack to share it with the rest of the team.

Steps to share a team subscription pack:

  • Choose a team subscription plan.
  • Enter a Group Name and Group Description (typically team name and age/level).
  • Agree to terms and purchase the subscription.
  • On the confirmation screen, click “manage your group pass.”
  • Add team members under the “Add Group Members” section
  • Enter their first and last name and email address
  • You do not need to enter a member username or password under those optional fields.
  • Do not check the “Disable group invite…” box.
  • Click “Add Member.”
  • Repeat this process to add additional team members.
  • Members will receive a welcome email with a link to confirm their group subscription and create a new password.
  • The will use the email entered when added to the group and this password to access live streaming games.
  • If they don’t receive the email, you can send another by clicking “Resend Invite” in the group list by their name.
Do I have access to watch all live games?2020-08-28T19:31:16-06:00

Yes. Your individual or team subscription will allow access to watch all 42 games during the 2020 CCM World Invite Denver at Edge Ice Arena.

How will we download our game videos?2020-08-28T19:34:35-06:00

Download links will be available at each game’s live stream link shortly after the conclusion of the tournament. Subscribers will be able to go back to any game and download a copy of it.

How can I go back to add more members to a team subscription?2020-08-29T12:06:32-06:00

As a group administrator, you can add team members until you have reached 25 group members. To return and add more, you can visit this page to manage your subscription. You will need to login if you are not already and use the “Manage Group” link under Actions section.  

Alternatively, you can click “Manage Streaming Pass” under the “Account” menu at shawhockey.com.

Will spectators be allowed inside the rink?2020-10-27T13:58:44-06:00

Currently, no spectators will be allowed inside Foothills Ice Arena during the 2020 Fright Fest Tournament.

Can I watch on more than one device?2020-09-15T15:44:54-06:00

Yes.  Each subscription will allow for two devices to watch at one time with the same login and password.

How will we get digital downloads of our games?2021-08-16T09:19:14-06:00

After the conclusion of the tournament, participating teams will be able to request download links for specific games at no additional charge. Requests can be sent to info@shawhockey.com with the game’s date, time, and teams playing.

How do I register more than one team?2021-08-16T10:20:49-06:00

Please complete a separate registration form for each team that would like to participate. We apologize for any inconvenience.

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