Three dozen games, almost two dozen teams, half a dozen rinks, and a season cut three weeks short. The 2020 Colorado Prep Hockey League season will be remembered, if nothing else, for being somewhat unconventional (at the time). We may look back at it as the high school season that began the “new normal.”

Shaw Hockey Productions was pleased to cover Tier 1 and Tier 2 games for Valor Christian and Regis Jesuit during the 2020 CPHL season. At the time of writing, the season has been cut short due to a move to level “orange” on the COVID-19 dial for the majority of the front range counties.  (Edit:  It has since moved to the new “red” status making the likelihood of future games low.)

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“These televised games have been simply AWESOME to watch! We have relatives and friends all around the country watching, and they are loving the experience just as much as my wife and I are.”  – Adam A.

“Thank you for the wonderful broadcasts! Everyone is really enjoying the service.”  – Kim B.

“You deliver a tremendous product and really care about the customer experience. That is abundantly clear to everyone.”  – Allan W.

With the COVID-19 restrictions changing throughout the season, we saw games with more than 50 spectators, those limited to less than one per player, and several games with zero spectators. In every case, we were there to cover the games with multi-camera video and live streaming in HD quality. During the two and a half months of games, play by play and color commentary were provided by everyone from seasoned professionals to first-time parents

With a consistent schedule and dedicated fan base, games in the 2020 CPHL season were seen in places we never anticipated. Friends and family members tuned in from all over the United States and Canada and at least once from every continent (except South America).

While many may remember the 2020 CPHL season as the first high school hockey season to be limited and ultimately cut short by COVID-19, we will recall the ways we brought the games to a larger and, many times, entirely new audience.

Regis Jesuit Raiders

Valor Christian Eagles